Life cycle

Un libro es como la vida,termina una vez. No es algo continua… Cuando se termina,ya no hay mas,no hay continuation. Pero siempre hay nuevo y algo inexplorado,desconocido esperando por ti. Es el ciclo de la vida.

A book is like life ends once. Not something continuous … When finished, there are no more, no continuation. But there is always something new and unexplored, unknown waiting for you. It is the cycle of life.


Afternoon chill&relax

Today I had a few minutes to sit down to a quiet place and to enjoy the cold but pleasant afternoon in a friendly place, in Panaria,Castellon,Spain.
People passing by,tasty snaks,tea and life-motivating text on the walls left in me a good impression and that’s why I wanted to share it!




Visit Madrid,day two

After having a good rest, the next morning beside taking breakfast I prepared a new list of places to visit in this beautiful place.

Bernabeu Stadium / Estadio Santiago Bernabeu

And as in all the big cities,Madrid too has his new, modern part of the city,as the Cuatro Torres Business Area at the end of the famous street, Paseo de la Castellana.




In my way to the Retiro Park found the Alcala Gate, which reminded me of the centre of Rome. It seems that there are things that never leave you, everywhere you go.

Alcala Gate / Puerta de Alcala


Retiro Park / Parque del Retiro

And to see an other side of the city, I saw the most quiet and calm place from it, the river. To go, walk and to enjoy the beautiful nature gives you energy to go on and to give thanks to God for making possible to see all these things in our life!

Vicente Calderon Stadium / Estadio Vicente Calderon

Madrid Rio

See you soon Madrid!


Egy esös napon
Mikor megismertelek
Boldoggá tettél
S én azóta csak téged leslek.

Egy pillantást ha kapnék tölled,
Hogy érezzem, hogy mégis szeretsz.
Gondolsz-e néha-néha rám?
Vagy csak ha elmegyek elötted tekintesz reám?

Bárcsak tudnám, hogy mik érzéseid
S akkor lennék nyugodt s boldog megint.

Még ha azt is mondod nékem,
Hogy “Nem érdekelsz engem!”
Vídámabb lennék annál,
Hogy nem tudok semmit.

Csak egy pillantás,egy szó s én megértelek,
De te még egy annyit sem nyújtsz nekem.
Bár tudnám, hogy mit tegyek
S feledném lassan a történteket.
                                 21 augusztus 2004

On a rainy day
When I met you
You made me happy
And since I only Look for you.

If they get a look at pens,
To feel that they love.
If you think of me sometimes?
Or only if you consider we pass upon me?

I wish I knew what feelings
And then I was relaxed and happy again.

Even if I tell you,
“I do not care about me!”
I’d be more cheerful,
I know nothing.

Just one look, one word and I understand,
But you’re not even a giving me that.
I wish I knew what to do
And slowly forget what happened.
                                 August 21, 2004


Madrid lights in the night

And we just get started. After taking a Banana split in Mel’s Classic Dinner, we turned our way to the other way of the city. It was getting already dark(as winter time)but I was sure(despite of the rain)that the city it’s even metropolian after the sun goes down. 
We headed to the Plaza de España, one of the largest places and buildings around.

Mel’s Classic Dinner, Madrid
It was so huge that I had to share!





As for the end of the long day of road and walking around the city I was exhausted an hungry. I found a quiet and pleasent place near to the Gate, Van Gogh Cafè Madrid.





Visit Madrid, day one

Hello to the two beautiful days spent last week in Madrid. I will tell you the truth, I saw Barcelona too, so I have not been expecting something greather than what I have experienced there. But who could have said that it’s one of the best places since now. Not just for the city itself,architecture,parks,museums,but even for the warm and pleasent,friendly people in which I bumped into.
The first day arrived, we cheked in a brand new hotel, called Hotel Nuevo Madrid, with a four star place to stay in. I highly recommend to everybody,even if it’s a bit far from a nearly metro station(10-15 minutes on walk).
After taking a metro till the Puerta del Sol,we had the surprise(as in the big citys)to find a lot of people on the squere so we decided to go with the flow.

Puerta del Sol, Madrid

Banco de España, Madrid

Mertopolis, Madrid

Palacio de Cibeles CentroCentro, Madrid & Me
…first day afternoon