Visit Madrid, day one

Hello to the two beautiful days spent last week in Madrid. I will tell you the truth, I saw Barcelona too, so I have not been expecting something greather than what I have experienced there. But who could have said that it’s one of the best places since now. Not just for the city itself,architecture,parks,museums,but even for the warm and pleasent,friendly people in which I bumped into.
The first day arrived, we cheked in a brand new hotel, called Hotel Nuevo Madrid, with a four star place to stay in. I highly recommend to everybody,even if it’s a bit far from a nearly metro station(10-15 minutes on walk).
After taking a metro till the Puerta del Sol,we had the surprise(as in the big citys)to find a lot of people on the squere so we decided to go with the flow.

Puerta del Sol, Madrid

Banco de España, Madrid

Mertopolis, Madrid

Palacio de Cibeles CentroCentro, Madrid & Me
…first day afternoon


4 thoughts on “Visit Madrid, day one”

    1. You are very talented in what you are doing!
      No, I din’t had the chance. I stayed just for two days and it was exactly for ” Los Reyes ” ; it was crowded everywhere.

  1. Then you’ll have to return 😉 Wow you must have had a tough time avoiding crowds and crazy kids hahah! Hope it wasn’t too bad. Thanks for your kind words 🙂 Are you planning to return soon?

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