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A slice of beauty of Valencia, Spain

So happy to spend some time with my mother and sister in the last week!
To travell and discover things with the loved ones gives you euforia. Love everything that is related with nature and culture and in Spain I found something special.

Así que feliz de pasar algún tiempo con mi madre y mi hermana en la última semana!
Para viajar y descubrir cosas con los seres queridos que te da euforia. Me encanta todo lo que está relacionado con la naturaleza y la cultura, y en España he encontrado algo especial.
El Parque Ribalta,Castellon de la Plana

Oceanografic, Valencia


Benicassim, Spain


In Love

Days gone by and I noticed that everybody was crazy for you.
I looked at them and said that they are all insane.

Weeks gone by and I saw that you are diferent.
I looked at your dayly events and I was amazed.

Months gone by and I saw that you are nice.
I looked into your eyes and I left my heart in them.

And soon I can say that a year went by
And I can’t live without your kindness…
                                     You’re my love.




Before this everything was like a river:
Calm, contunous and beyond of all peaceful.
But these days turned into a lifless,
Cruel and hard, never ending desert.

I knew from the start that this will be bad,
Bad for me, bad for you, bad for both.
As years went by, slowly and surely
In a moment reaction everything wanished.

The best for now is to let go, to forget
Never let go by the good memories we had.
I thank you for all, even if it’s late,
Never give up, because you don’t know what the next day brings.

                                             08.04.2013 Benicassim