Paris Casual Style

If you want to go in vacations in may to Paris you sould document yourself if the weather is with you to wear a dress or against the dress, and to wear pants with boots.
Defenitely Ihave never been there but Ihave to think on two things: 1. is the capital of fashion ( as much as I see ) and 2. I am a tourist, not a public person to make an impress. 
IfI take it like a challenge? Yes, I do. Because I have to think on many things: if I want to be elegant, casual, sporty or extravagant.
I searched and found some good ideas inspired from some it-girls passed by or living in Paris. So as a traveller, to visit places and to be confortable to I found these ideas :







And there is always a romantic part of a girl, especially when you go out for a dinner or you go to a special event.





So, all I have to do now, to take a ‘tour’ in my closet and see what ‘goodies’ may I found to get use of and to take my travell with an easy look.

All pictures are inspired from Pinterest


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