SoLovely Benicassim Vintage Event

If you are a vintage lover and a person who is interested in handmade artworks I am sharing a pleasant experience and the privilege to participate to an event in Benicassim Spain to see, buy and enjoy a good time with people who like the same thing.
Here in Spain we have a lot a good talented and nice people who make what makes them happy and we have the oportunity to share it with them.
This event it’s called SoLovely Pop Up:

SoLovely Pop Up

The place where the event took place it’s called Bodegas Carmelitano in Benicassim and it’s a historycal place where good wine and fine drinks are/been made.



Bodegas Carmelitano





-day 1-


John Legend – All Of Me

I just bumped into this beautiful song last week. Hearing in every radio station and even in television advertising. I can’t get sick of it.
I am sure that there are a lot a love-birds out there who share the same though with me: That this song is to get falling in Love!