Inspiration – Zoe Saldana



Nivea – Beiersdorf

I am testing the Nivea products these days to decide if they are really that good as they are presented in the market. Well, as they are a low price products I  didn’t expect a lot from them but the truth is that for me don’t work as I thought before buying them.

The cleaning foam is to dry for me as a cleaning mousse and it says that it should hidratate my skin.

The cleaning cream 2in1 might be the only one that seems that it’s a bit better of all. Because it has a creamy effect and gives you a fresh sensation.

The hidratating shower cream it’s for try and forget about it because it leaves me with a strange feeling on my skin and even iching. It might work for others but not for me.

At least my boyfriend it’s happy with his roll on deo invisible 😉