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Barcelona Autumn Days

It’s always a pleasure to return to Barcelona and to spend some quality-time in this beautiful city.


As we cought sunny weather I had to mix-and-match my style depending from the temperature ūüôā



Boots and Bag Zara, Dress from H&M

In the first day we visited from the sea the whole coast; after that we headed to the Rambla market place, where we take a break to see the colourfull foods.






For the night a we headed to a terace to drink a cup of coctails and just talk about our plans and the future; or just good memories.



The next day was all about the coast and relax. Tasty food and breathtaking landskape.




Just a few days but good to see you again! xoxo

Simple Green Smoothie – Day 1

As I was mentioning before I started my month-challenge and this one of the things I started with. 

In the beginning of the day I made. A simple green smoothie, with :

1/2 cup of water

1 cup of spinach

1 banana

1/2 mango


Beside having my daily meal.

A sesion of bronceing also and at dinner an other cup of this healthy mix.



April’s challenge and timetable

We all want to be healthy and in good shape. To make it possible it can be challengeing, so I decided to make a timetable for the next month in a way that I will benefit from it as much as I could to stay phisicaly as such as menthaly in a positive way. 
It might be difficult at the beginning, not just for the time, energy and dayly routine but economicaly too. But I decided to make a sacrefice by not spending on clothes, jewelry, late dinners, good vines and so on, rather to invest in something much better: my health and knowledge.
       I will start a simple routine for a month to see the results for the upcoming events which will take place in the nearly future and for the anxuously expected summer.
There will be four basic projects: 1. Healthly diet ; 2. Exercise ; 3. Skincare ; 4. Language course.
I will start to discuss about a healthy diet first. About what it will consists and even give you recepies about different type of meals.
For example starting from the 1st of April I start a Green Project with the help of Simple Green Smoothies ( Simple Green Smoothies ). It is an easy, confortable and helpfull website to understand, guide and explain a healthier way of living.
They will send you every week, every Thursday, five green smoothie recepie and instructions to follow 30 days in January, April, July and October. You don’t have to commit to every challenge and you can even make changes to your own taste. You don’t have to make changes in your dayly meal and lifestyle, you just do two smoothies each day ( morning,evening ) and there you have it!
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†I will return today to describe today’s challenge, and to describe the process which I use to make everything easy and confortable to adjust to my dayly timetable.


Todos queremos estar sanos y en buena forma. Para hacer posible que se pueda ser dificil, así que decidí hacer un calendario para el próximo mes de una manera que voy a beneficiarse de él tanto como pude permanecer phisicalmente tal como mentalmente de una manera positiva.
Puede ser difícil al principio, no sólo por el tiempo, la energía y la rutina diaria, sino como economicamente también. Pero me decidí a hacer una sacrificio por no gastar en ropa, joyas, cenas tardías, buenas vides y así sucesivamente, en lugar de invertir en algo mucho mejor: mi salud y el conocimiento.
Voy a empezar una rutina simple para un mes para ver los resultados de los próximos eventos que tendrán lugar en el futuro, casi como para el verano mucho esperado.
Habr√° cuatro proyectos b√°sicos: 1. Dieta Sana; 2. Ejercicio 3. Cuidado de la piel; 4. Curso de idioma.
Voy a empezar a discutir acerca de una dieta saludable en primer lugar. Acerca de lo que se compone y hasta te dan recetas acerca de los diferentes tipos de comidas.
Por ejemplo a partir del 1 de abril empiezo un Proyecto Verde con la ayuda de simples batidos verdes (
Simple Green Smoothies). Es una web muy fácil, cómodo y servicial para comprender, orientar y explicar de una manera más sana de vivir.
Ellos le enviar√°n todas las semanas, todos los jueves, cinco recepie batido verde y las instrucciones a seguir con 30 d√≠as de enero, abril, julio y octubre. Usted no tiene que comprometerse a cada desaf√≠o e incluso se puede hacer cambios a su propio gusto. Usted no tiene que hacer cambios en su comida diaria y el estilo de vida, que acaba de hacer dos batidos al d√≠a (ma√Īana, tarde) y ah√≠ lo tienes!
Voy a volver hoy para describir el desafío de hoy, y para describir el proceso que utilizo para hacer que todo sea fácil y cómodo para ajustar a mi calendario diaria.



A slice of beauty of Valencia, Spain

So happy to spend some time with my mother and sister in the last week!
To travell and discover things with the loved ones gives you euforia. Love everything that is related with nature and culture and in Spain I found something special.

As√≠ que feliz de pasar alg√ļn tiempo con mi madre y mi hermana en la √ļltima semana!
Para viajar y descubrir cosas con los seres queridos que te da euforia. Me encanta todo lo que est√° relacionado con la naturaleza y la cultura, y en Espa√Īa he encontrado algo especial.
El Parque Ribalta,Castellon de la Plana

Oceanografic, Valencia


Benicassim, Spain


Full night with full moon

You don’t have to be necessary in love to have a good time out in the city and to enjoy a well selected menu in a prestige restaurant ( in this case El Rustico, Castellon de la Plana ).
As a prove I show you exactly what I am talking about and let you decide if I am right or not:

Smile ūüôā

Ensalada Mediteranea

Mejillones a vapor&Jamon iberico con quesos

Pulpo a la brasa


Brownie&Tarta de queso

El Rustico, Castellon de la Plana, Spain

Bon apetite!