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Tenderness is a moment when somebody takes you into his arms and gives you a warm and   smooth kiss, somebody who takes your hand in a moment when you need somebody to be beside you. Tenderness is a loving and caring affection that makes us feel better one to another and gives you the feeling of beeing safe forever beside that person. It could be a friend, a sister, a brother, a parent, even a pet. We need that feeling in our lives because it’s the best what you can feel next to somebody.



John Legend – All Of Me

I just bumped into this beautiful song last week. Hearing in every radio station and even in television advertising. I can’t get sick of it.
I am sure that there are a lot a love-birds out there who share the same though with me: That this song is to get falling in Love!

Midi Skirt Style

As I am not a big fan of short skirts, even if they make us feel nice and good looking, I was looking for a midi short, knee length dress and skirts. I was surprized but very happy that from last year they are back in style. First it was the tube-style and now the skater, lady-like 70’s. They are classy, beautiful and comod. We can mix with elegant hight heels but easily with sporty shoes too.
I was inspired by some of the photographies and stylish it-girls of the moment and there is a good variety from which to choose from!

Warm & Casual

Romantic & Elegant

Simple & Chic

Simple Green Smoothie – Day 1

As I was mentioning before I started my month-challenge and this one of the things I started with. 

In the beginning of the day I made. A simple green smoothie, with :

1/2 cup of water

1 cup of spinach

1 banana

1/2 mango


Beside having my daily meal.

A sesion of bronceing also and at dinner an other cup of this healthy mix.



In Love

Days gone by and I noticed that everybody was crazy for you.
I looked at them and said that they are all insane.

Weeks gone by and I saw that you are diferent.
I looked at your dayly events and I was amazed.

Months gone by and I saw that you are nice.
I looked into your eyes and I left my heart in them.

And soon I can say that a year went by
And I can’t live without your kindness…
                                     You’re my love.




Before this everything was like a river:
Calm, contunous and beyond of all peaceful.
But these days turned into a lifless,
Cruel and hard, never ending desert.

I knew from the start that this will be bad,
Bad for me, bad for you, bad for both.
As years went by, slowly and surely
In a moment reaction everything wanished.

The best for now is to let go, to forget
Never let go by the good memories we had.
I thank you for all, even if it’s late,
Never give up, because you don’t know what the next day brings.

                                             08.04.2013 Benicassim



If I would be something,
Something that you can hold on.
I would be something,
Something that you never let go.

I wanna’ be something,
Something that you never pass by
And live as forever
Forever in life.

Just close your eyes
Close your eyes…close it.
And remember my only
Lonely never be will…